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I recognize that there are risks inherent in activities/transportation that my child may be engaged in, and I will not hold DGC Staff or Volunteers responsible for any personal injury that might occur to my child while participating. If my child commences (Required)
I understand that photographs or video may be taken of my child during DGC events, and I give permission to use any of these photos/videos for any and all DGC ministry purposes. I release and discharge the photographer/videographer and DGC Staff or Volunte (Required)
I have read, understood and agree with the above and for it to cover all Youth Ministry activities for the program year effective as stated above. (Required)
Parent/Guardian: I confirm that I am a Custodial Parent or Legal Guardian of the Student mentioned above and have legal capacity to sign this release. By choosing "YES", I give consent as a Parent/Guardian of this student.
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